Laura works in London after completing a 4 year BSc degree in Acupuncture at the renowned College of Integrated Medicine in Reading, England.

Laura practices an integrated style of acupuncture, combining traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with Five Element constitutional acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing, where fine needles are placed into specific acupuncture points on the body to bring about change to a person’s physical and emotional body by moving energy.

Laura believes that acupuncture enables her to tailor treatment to meet the needs of each individuals physical and emotional well-being.

Facial Acupuncture

Laura combines her knowledge from her 4-year degree with her facial needling technique to bring about change to a person both inside and out.

Facial acupuncture works by stimulating the muscles of the face, using fine intradermal needles to increase tightness. It also aids the production of natural collagen and improves the overall quality of the skin.

Organic, plant based creams have been selected and ancient Chinese stones are used on the face for microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic drainage.

During a session, Laura uses the award winning Dermalux FLEX LED system. This system has been scientifically proven to accelerate cell renewal, boost collagen and increase the skins elastin.

This is a bespoke treatment combining both modern and ancient techniques, to create the ultimate natural facial rejuvenation.

Traditional Acupuncture

Laura uses this ancient Chinese Medicine to address a variety of modern day issues. Extremely fine and sterilised needles are placed into specific acupuncture points. Laura has also trained in massage therapy and is able to use cupping, gua-sha and moxa during her sessions where appropriate, which are all ancient Chinese techniques applied for therapeutic purposes.

Many people seek acupuncture for a specific reason, such as a migraine or other emotional and physical pain. But it can also be used as a preventative treatment to continuously maintain an individuals health and well-being.


Laura is a London based Acupuncturist.  For all enquiries, please complete the contact form below or email me on laura@llacu.com.
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