Laura works in London after completing a 4 year BSc degree in Acupuncture at the renowned College of Integrated Medicine in Reading, England.

Laura practices an integrated style of acupuncture, combining traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with Five Element constitutional acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing, where fine needles are placed into specific acupuncture points on the body to bring about change to a person’s physical and emotional body by moving energy.

Laura believes that acupuncture enables her to tailor treatment to meet the needs of each individuals physical and emotional well-being.


The “Anti-Ager”

The “Anti-Ager”This is a 75 minute facial specifically designed for anti-ageing. This facial uses luxurious plant based scrubs, masks, oils and serums to gently reduce fine lines. Part of the “Anti-Ager” includes micro-needling of the skin to stimulate collagen  production and Red Light Therapy, under the award winning Dermalux light system, to increase the skins elasticity.
Recommended every 4 weeks and best results seen after 4 treatments.

75mins £90

The “Anti- Blemish”

This 75 mins facial is specifically designed for redness or blemished skin. Organic and vegan clay masks and serums are used to reduce, which is also reinforced by the power of Blue Light Therapy under the Dermalux light system, a particularly powerful anti-bacterial tool for problem skin.
Recommended whenever feels necessary or in line with the monthly cycle.

75mins £90

The “Power Hour”

A 60 mins traditional acupuncture session for any general area of concern; digestive issues; headaches; women’s health; men's health; mental health. Use this hour to re-balance your body. Take this time to relax and re-set.
Recommended for any general concerns, please book as a stand alone treatment or as a course of treatments.

60 mins £60

The “Hands On”

This 45 mins treatment is designed for any muscular-skeletal issue. Sitting at the desk for too long? Stiff from exercise? Unresolved niggles or pain? Use this body work session to prevent any injuries or for when an imbalance or trauma occurs.This treatment is designed to include massage and other ancient hands on techniques such as Gua-sha and Cupping to support the well-being of the muscular-skeletal system.
Recommended for any physical pain concerns or as a preventative treatment in relation to the physical body.

45 mins £50


Laura is a London based Acupuncturist.  For all enquiries, please complete the contact form below or email me on laura@llacu.com.
75 mins The “Anti-Ager”
75 mins The “Anti-Blemish”
60 mins The “Power Hour”
45 mins The “Hands On”
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